Happy Holidays and Welcome to my site

This page is currently under construction - for photos of my most recent work please visit my Facebook Page

I will update this page after the One of a Kind Chicago show that runs from December 7 - 11. To get more information about the show and receive free passes please Like my Facebook page and/or sign up for my email list
Sample of my new "Pattern Series":

Welcome to Amy Ikenn's Distinctive Glasswork

Working from my studio in the Chicago suburbs I am focused on sharing my love of color through unique glasswork. Inspired by impressionists and modern artists I begins with sheets of glass and ground glass in many different colors. The textures and colors are combined in the kiln to create unique, beautiful glass artwork.

  • Raw Materials
  • Aurora Series
  • Ornaments
  • Raw Materials
  • Glass Landscapes and Garden Dishes
  • Flower Closeup